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General Mercentile


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We view our public responsibility as an integral part of our business and actively seek out partnership with agencies that develop and implement innovative solutions to community needs. Apart from being a corporate member of the 'Ethiopian Heritage Trust', General Mercantile p.l.c has also been recognized for its contribution in social development work and has received a 'Certificate of Appreciation' from 'Addis Ababa City Government W.13 Administrative Office'.

General Mercantile p.l.c promotes its products and services through different methods ranging from but not exclusive to; printed directories and the participation of key local regional trade shows.

Our company has been recognized and awarded numerous times by different organizers and regional authorities. We have taken part in:

Ethio Expo
Jimma Expo
Makalle Trade & Development Exhibition
Nekemte Expo
Bazar-Awassa, and many more...






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