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About Us Introduction

We at General Mercantile have spent over two decades putting customers before all else. The quality of our products, the efficiency of our delivery and maintenance, and our willingness to travel the extra mile has earned us unparalleled repute.

We have led the generator and power tool markets by continually exploring new corporate frontiers. In addition to holding the exclusive right of distribution for leaders in power tool and generator manufacturing, we offer warranties and periodic maintenance on many of our products.


General Mercantile PLC is a privately owned share company founded in 1982. We are registered by the Ethiopian Ministry of Commerce under company No. 019566/91.

We were founded with capital contributed by our shareholders. Our later achievements and loyal customers have been born of the industry and dedication of our employees.


We have strived since our founding to import and distribute a wide range of industrial equipment to private and public markets. We choose brand names based not only on price and availability, but on recognition and durability.

Our growth is fueled by a commitment to the well-being of our employees and the long-term satisfaction of our customers. The aim to rise above the welter of imitation and contraband products has and will continue to drive the expanding scope of our activities.